The elegant and refined architecture of Villa Laetitia is the backdrop of my story. Here, time goes by at a different pace, respectful of who we are and our senses. It’s enhanced by scents, by colors, by a vivid and playful cuisine. Each of my dishes is inspired by these values: hospitality, details, love and hard work…coupled with the great responsibility of rendering this space and your time here an unforgettable journey.

Domenico Stile


Whatever you’d like from our menu

Two dishes and of your choosing

€ 165

Additional dish

€ 30


A journey with eyes closed

Tasting menu of 6 surprise courses chosen by the chef

€ 180



Tasting menu of 8 surprise courses chosen by the chef

€ 200


The tasting menus are to be ordered by the entire party.
For groups of 5 people and more, we suggest the tasting menus

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